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​About this Project

Recent years, thousands of Hong Kong young adults came to Canada under different VISAs, for example the lifeboat scheme, to look for a new and brighter life in Canada. 

However, not every young adult came to Canada with huge sum of assets. This non-profit-making project is here to help those in need, especially in helping them to pursue their career in Canada. 

About the Organisers

Skyline is a group of different buildings situated in the same area. Individually they are different, and some may be similar. Most important is that together they form a beautiful picture. The picture is beautiful not because of the individuality but the community. The best part is the border between the sky and the buildings. The faith community that we are trying to cultivate is like a Skyline. We are different individually in skills, personality, gift, social status, culture, etc, maybe with some similarity. Together we form a special picture for the unchurched (and ourselves) to see what Christian faith in real life is. The key of our witness is not ourselves but how our life get touched by our Lord. Our experience with Christ is different, but together we form a spiritual Skyline.

About the Organisers

Findagoodboss.com is a Hong Kong professional youth recruitment social enterprise founded in July 2019 and has served thousands of young adults and handled more than thousands jobs from more than 2,000 employers. Besides Hong Kong, we also have employment projects in the UK and now in Canada.